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All you need to do is simply wear this foot pack!
Easing gets rid of the dead skin cells with only one application!

Product Information Baby Foot

17 kinds of Natural Extracts

Baby Foot contains 17 types of natural extracts including Apple, Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit citrus oils, Calendula, Clematis leaf and Chamomile with a high moisturizing power and astringency, thus the sole becomes smooth after peeling. These will not only peel off the dead skin layers, but they will also provide moisturizing power that will help maintain your skin texture.

  • Orange

  • Apple

  • Sage

  • Clematis

  • Lemon

  • Tea leaf

  • Field

  • Cresson

  • Fucus

  • Saponaria

  • Burdock

  • Filipendula

  • European

  • Chamomile

  • Grapefruit

  • Houttuynia

  • Lemon

Fruits Acid

The main ingredient of Baby Foot is Fruit Acid which can be found in fruits. It’s also called as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and has been used as a folk remedy for the elimination of bacteria, inflammation and psoriasis for several hundreds of years. These days, it is commonly formulated for facial cleansing and peeling to support the texture of the skin by removing the dead skin layers and beautifying and improving the skin.

How to use

How to use Baby Foot

Clean your feet and wear Baby Foot. Cut along the dotted line of the pack and place foot in pack. Tape around the ankle by using the enclosed adhesive tapes. With the regular bigger socks on, it will be warm and comfortable even in winter.
Wait for 60 minutes to allow the lotion to absorb. Be careful when walking.
Remove the packs and wash your feel thoroughly with remove the lotion. It is recommended to moisturize the skin with non-alcohol skin toner after cleansing.

Baby Foot

Until the skin starts peeling - the skin may become dry. The dead skin will begins topeel within 2-7 days. It may takes up to 2 weeks till the skin start peeling. Within few days after the application, the foot becomes dry and the skin starts peeling off due to the friction caused in the daily life. It takes normally 2 to 3 weeks until all of the peeling process is done from its start although it depends on individuals. Wearing a pair of regular socks may prevent the peeled skin littered. Do not forcibly remove the dead skin from your feet. It is recommended not applying any moisturizer during the peeling process. When the dry skin is concerned, moisturize the skin with non-alcohol skin-toner (we recommend to use our Baby Foot Smoothing Gel which developed for consumer’s request!). Please make sure to apply moisturizer everyday (Baby Foot Hydro Plus or Baby Foot Extra Rich is perfect for after care)